Saturday, December 29, 2007

White Christmas

I don't know where to begin. All I can say is... I had so much fun.

(Christmas Day) December 25
Flew to SF, arrived Christmas day. Al and his mom (with Sid, their dog) picked me up and then we headed off to Reno, NV. Quite a few stopovers so it was dark when we reached Reno. Checked in at Circus Circus and then had dinner. Mama went to the slot machines while Al and I checked up on Sid and went out to get Reno night shots. When we got back, Mama still hooked on the slot machine so we just went to have midnight snack at a cafe. Cozy talks. I got three gifts: an Old Navy fleece sweatshirt from Papa, an Escada perfume from Mama and an AK wristwatch from him. I got him a D40 (the one we used the entire trip) and got his parents something for the home.

December 26

Got ready for Lake Tahoe and had brunch at a Chinese resto in Reno. Fell asleep right after and when I woke up I was seeing mountains and snowcaps. Stopped by a vista point to look at the lake from Nevada side and then crossed the border of NV and CA, stopover at Carrows for something warm; more pictures and then played with snowballs. Headed home and watched Chuck and Larry (he fell asleep right away after I gave him a massage, poor Al, got tired drivin).

December 27
He was playing with Xbox 360 all morning while I had breakfast with his mom. We got ready and went to pay our T-Mo bill, and Mama went shopping while we had my watch resized. Ate at the food court, went to Best Buy to look for lens filters and a camera bag (unfortunately we didn't feel like buying em), and tried to find Xbox 360 games that I'd like. Went to another mall to pick up his mom and we ended up buying my own controller (pink!) and a couple of games.
Xbox-ed our night away and watched The Heartbreak Kid when we got tired.

December 28
I don't wanna get up. I'm sleepy and I didn't wanna leave.

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