Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh, the LIFE!

OMG, I loved my layover in Phuket! I flew for a 24-hour stay with Jack and oh boy it felt like more than a couple of days coz we maximized the time! (More photos for my contacts in Multiply.)

2 AM. Arrival at Novotel Phuket Resort: dead tired.

9 AM. Peeling ourselves off the bed and drag our feet to the shower.
9-ish. Buffet breakfast at the cafe's veranda, under the umbrella and overlooking the beach.

10-ish. Walking along Patong Beach, can't decide whether to go sun baking first or Thai massage.

11 AM. Stumbles upon a decent and cozy-looking massage shop. Changes money from USDs to THBs and forgets the world. One hour authentic Thai massage then an hour of oil massage.

1:30 PM. Resurrects from death (oh heavenly death!) and walks along Patong Beach to find a good spot. Finds fruit vendors and buys watermelon, mango and pineapple slices.

2:30 PM. Laying on the beach chair, under the umbrella. Can't stop saying, "This is the life!"

3:00 PM. Starts wandering around the waters :) Gets a go signal from the owner to go have a picture on the jetski. FUN.

4:40 PM. Puts on the dress again and heads for the eateries. Orders Phad Thai and Thai iced tea! Owyea! YUM!

5-ish. Starts to walk back to the hotel but gets amazed with the sunset. Decides to sit on the sand and watch the sunset.

6-ish. Back at the hotel, hops into the shower and gets three hours of sleep before showing up for the flight back to Korea.

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