Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm stuck at home. Broke. Haha. Usually you won't find me at home on my days off in Manila. I'd most likely be at the mall shopping, or at the supermarket doing my grocery shopping, or at the spa getting a facial/mani/pedi or something. But I'm here at home and I don't wanna go out coz I only have five thousand pesos spending money. And no backups.

Yesterday I had to withdraw all the money I have from my ATM account (and oh boy it was the first time I had to carry cash that much coz mom would always just give us checks, or I'd keep it in my debit card instead of carrying cash) coz dad needs money for some reason. He said I'll have it back by this week naman. So I'm here and just left myself 5,000 pesos just in case I really need to go out.

I've decided to take care of my finances on my own; I didn't even know how to pay my bills, could you believe that? We always had someone who'd take the money from us and go pay the bills (and eventually causing me to overpay the broadband bill!), so I'm clueless on where to go to pay 'em, now that I'm tryin' to be responsible and pay for them myself. I'm starting to try learn what goes on with banks, credit cards, ATMs and whatevers. Haha. I feel like I'm getting older so I have to know how.

I spent all morning in front of the PC trying to decide which credit card company to apply for. And the first one on my list?

American Express!

Haha, I can hear people humming "Dream a Dream," or saying, "Dream on!" Hahaha. I browsed the website and there's just one card available, and it's a platinum so it's like difficult to get approved. Ideal income to get approved: PhP 1M per annum. I took out a calculator and started fiddling. Mmhmm... I didn't reach 1M! Ahaha. Major *toink* moment. I call up the sales department and inquire.

Me: I just have a few questions regarding the platinum peso card?
Agent: Go ahead.
Me: Are they strict about that one million pesos per annum income requirement?
Agent: Uh, yes ma'am.
Me: They are?
Agent: Uhm, ma'am, how young are you?
Me: (napataas ang kilay) Twenty-one?

I was wondering if I did sound young. Well I don't look young and I don't definitely sound young. I dunno why she asked my age. Anyway she said minimum might be 800k per year coz I said I didn't reach the 1M requirement, my annual income totalling to approximately a little over that. So okay maybe I still have a shot.

Then I browsed through Citibank; they have like so many different cards that I ended up asking dad how they chose theirs (dad has the Shell and Cathay Pacific ones and mom has Cathay Pacific and the rewards thing cards). Looks like I'm still clueless about it but I'm inclined on getting the Cathay Pacific Gold. Income requirement: 360k. Good. I could pass the requirement using my peso payslips.

Next stop: HSBC. I dunno why Mica's been telling me to get HSBC, except for the Mabuhay Miles. Hmm. Maybe I'd apply for one. But I can't find how much their annual fees are.

Anyway my credit card application day would have to wait until next month coz I have to request for COEs pa pala. Hay.

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