Thursday, December 13, 2007

2007 Summary

I was having a facial yesterday at Mall of Asia yesterday and I was laying still, eyes closed as the attendant was putting on my mask. Must've been the calming effects of the mask (or the fact that the place I chose wasn't too crowded like Let's Face It's) that I got to--ahem--reflect on my 2007.

A lot of things happened this year (well of course given 365 days, a lot would really happen), some sad but most are to be thankful of.

  • I've been shopping--quite often. Had learned the art of it. A bit.
  • Some of my donggis are no longer in Asiana: Erika, Mara, Anne, Sebie, Ate Jacq, Bianca and the most recent, Kat.
  • I've never dated before so I tried dating early this year.
  • Bought D *super smile*
  • My maternal lolo died.
  • Al. Enough said. :) Did he even know I was tryin' to be single this year?
  • If aL is God's way of rewarding me for what I did for Mav, then all of you reading this must know that God sure does know what "compensation" means!
  • Out of some twisted fate, I found a long lost friend named Kaye.
  • I got my US tourist visa! Ten years validity, multiple entries. I did not blog about this because it was a surprise for aL last month.
  • My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage.
  • I've experienced snow. (In Korea!)

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