Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Car, Driving and the Road Bad Luck

How does one rub off bad luck? I'm on my fifth week. And it's all about my car, driving and being on the road.

First I get into a minor accident involving my car and a biker. Entirely not my fault with him swerving in front of me while I'm running 60kph. He's okay, he's got a bruise but no broken bones or anything. His bike was a different story though. So I had to pay his days off work (to recover), buy him a new bike and get my license back. My conscience would eat me if I don't. It's a man after all.

Next, on a payday weekend my Geo gave up and got me stranded in Edsa. Like, dead. Had to leave him at a gas station, commute going home, go back the next day. Brought it to the mechanic and money went down the drain again for repairs and replacement of my timing belt.

The following weekend, Geo's radiator is no longer in shape; leaking out half of its content in a short trip. So out goes PhP 4,000 for a replacement cover.

Another long weekend after, the previous incident happened regarding engine oil cap. By this time, it's becoming unbelievable.

And the latest of the five-consecutive-weekend streak? A ticket. Apparently the traffic enforcers got me a ticket for beating the red light (I swear it wasn't) and added--get this--reckless driving for trying to outrun them. Point being, I didn't even know they were flagging me as I wasn't guilty. Now I'm without a license.

This is just. Plain. Un. Believable.

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