Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daydream Mode: My Cars

My first two hours at work were spent checking out cars online. Here are my likes:

For an everyday Sedan: Chevrolet Cruze in red

For an everyday SUV: Nissan X-trail in whatever you call this color

For a cutesy-girly look: Volkswagen Beetle in Blue
(Photo courtesy of

My not-because-I'm-girl-you-can-mess-around-with-me vehicle: Hummer H3 preferably the same color as the X-Trail

I have not decided on which car is my show-off car, the one you bring to night outs or something. A Camaro looks nice. But not really sold on it. And I haven't thought of my elegant car as well. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Nice cars! :) You might want to consider a BMW X6 or Toyota Alphard in your list.

Katia said...

I checked those out.. walang calling :) hehe

Anonymous said...