Saturday, November 26, 2011

Proposals: Are you really ready?

At a quarter of a century, I have already been proposed to. Twice. I have always thought I'm ready to settle down, have a family and all that. I browse Facebook albums and you see friends getting married and lately, having babies and sharing tips about it. I'm not in a rush to have babies though. If given one, I'd be happy; but I'm not yet on the desperate level.

Colleagues ask me how it feels, being proposed to. It's surprising, it's overwhelming. But for the most part, it's heart-pounding. I know it is too with the proposing party, but guys have to understand that it's a different level of confusion and happiness for the ladies. Sure, men are nervous about being turned down, but that's about it. Unlike men you have thought it through over and over in their heads if they wanna marry this lady, the ladies have to go through that thinking process in minutes.

The pressure is intense. You can't think about it for more than five minutes, otherwise your possible groom-to-be would have been brokenhearted already. As much as possible you want to say yes, but you also think about it if you really want to spend your life with this person? Are you ready to soon end this in a relationship stage? With marriage there are no break-ups, divorce is a frowned upon option--so is your time/years/months with him already enough to get you hitched?

Yes, these went through my mind in a few snaps. The second time though, I felt like it was too soon, so I just couldn't get any words out of my mouth. I had to cover my mouth as my jaw literally dropped!

No, my current boyfriend has not yet proposed. I'd like to keep it that way hehe. But I had this weird dream the other night where people were telling me I was pregnant and need to go give birth already (though in my dream I look at my tummy and exclaim, "Eh parang namang galing Lang ako sa buffet eh?"). And people were asking me if I'm gonna get married, that same panic went inside my head and I can't say anything. I know the boyfriend wanted to (in the dream) but I can't get myself to do so.

Is this a sign?


binx said...

that's really something to think about. i have a college acquaintance who got stood up by the groom three hours before their wedding. the guy said that he really wasn't that sold on getting married to begin with, but proceeded with the relationship thinking that he might change his mind one day. it's just sad that he decided on the last possible minute, but still better than pushing through with it than regretting it after. though he could have saved the bride from a lot of heartache had he not even proposed at all. :P

Maniniyut said...

naku. may topic na tayo bukas. hehe

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's time for you to think it over. So, when your bf proposed, you really are ready to decide.. :)

Katia said...

Funny you said that Tin. Was just talking with my colleague about an office mate who had that same fate. That's just absurd. I'm pissed that those guys even propose and then back out later on. Kawawa naman si girl.