Thursday, April 20, 2006

And the beat goes on...

Okay so where was I? To continue, well (I'm blank on what happened next) of course we went on and reached Baguio in time and stayed at the house we're supposed to stay at. We were tired from the long byahe so we just lounged around and had early dinner at [that] home coz we're in for the Salubong to be held during Easter dawn. (photo: the house)

Sunday, April 16

And so, we did, at 5am. Held at the skating rink of Burnham park, Easter Sunday mass followed shortly at, ulp, in the middle of the boating lake! For real! Here's a blurry photo, we were of course, at the "shore" while the mass celebrants are onstage.

Too sleepy after waking up at about 4am, we went back home and had breakfast and then slept again. Watched Ice Age 2 (finally!) at SM Baguio in the afternoon with kuya and the rest of the gang. Omg, it was so much fun! Come to think of it, it's so cold and you're watching ice age. Had dinner at a Mongolian restaurant afterwards.

Monday, April 17

My dad woke me up really hard coz it's ukay-ukay day. Heehee. We three ladies--mom, me and my sister--spent around three hours and ended up with such great buys. (Like twenty pesos for a dress! Heaven!) Lunched at the slaughter house compound and then my brothers are off to go bowling somewhere while the ladies plus dad went driving around and bought ube from Good Shepherd--way too expensive nowadays, P220 for a jar--and a few more stuff at Mines View. Then we went to Camp John Hay for dessert.

I thought I'd have the time of my life when I saw vinta-like ads around John Hay with teasing photos of sumptuous desserts of 19th Tee! (For those who don't know, 19th Tee was once the best place for buffet breakfast and a lot of good desserts in John Hay before the camp was renovated, way even before the addition of The Manor Hotel which led to the vanishing of the said cafe.) The cafe was supposed to be open April 12 onwards like what the ad was displaying, but we went to the place, it was closed! Appears that it opened just to make profit out of the tons of people who flocked Baguio during the Holy Week. Darn.

Anyway, we ended up at Everything Nice and had a few slices of cake. I was supposed to meet my friend today but was unable to squeeze in the schedule and because it rained hard. So, we were stuck at home and settled for home cooked dinner instead.

Tuesday, April 18

It's technically our last whole day at Baguio so we jampacked our schedule. Breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins, had my fave Chocolate at Suman... (photo: the grandparents and Yana at Ruins)

Then the Grotto (and the first-timers--the yaya and my cousin--went up the unending flight of stairs), and Pink Sisters convent. Since we had heavy breakfast, we lunched at Starbucks CJH instead of heavy meals. We visited the Historical Core, a new one at John Hay, which included a historical trail, the Bell house (it's like the Malacanang of the camp) and the ampitheater. Then boating at Burnham (trip lang!) and dinner at Forest House, desserts at the Manor hotel cafe. (photos: ampitheater; my dad at the porch of Bell house; my kuya the bangkero; and me at Forest House)

I have alot more photos I wanted to share but this'd look like a photo album so enough of the photos now. Hehe. I'm back in Manila and it's so warm here huh? All photos courtesy of my chic but not-so-high-end phone.

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