Saturday, April 01, 2006


Good news. I did not miss a train station. Bad news. I missed an unloading area. In Makati. Argh! The next stop was two blocks away (and two blocks isn't really walking distance in Makati..).

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A shout out goes to Niko for his very much awaited feature as the YOU Blog Addict of the Week. All the best! I wonder who's next. Tin? Hehe.

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After shift at 4am, my second cousin Mara (who works in the same company) 'waited' for me so that we'd go home together. When I got to the 'waiting place', it was a 24-hour place that serves beer and everything else. In short, booze session. She was there with some of her batchmates at work so I stayed on (I do not drink alcoholic bevs--anymore) and mingled with them, which is not so hard to do since they're all friendly and all laughs. So, we waited for the sun to come out and then we went home.

Funny that you see people frequenting these places when the sun starts peeking. :) The call center business. Life changing.

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