Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Who's gonna complete my world?

Monday I went to this call center over at ELJ building, ABS CBN compound (long story why I'm applying for yet another call center job) and went through the whole process of taking tests and series of interviews, blah blah blah. So am I now employed? Nope. I did not sign the contract after the we discussed base salary. Gawsh, it's lower than what I get for my part time stint! Geez.

Maybe I'm meant to do the Conference Hostess stint for Marcus Evans this May. Mom actually was the culprit why I'm into this hostess--ugh, I hate how it sounds--thing. She was over at Marcus Evans office last Friday to submit and discuss the price quotation for some office statio and other printed materials when the receptionist mentions they're looking for the hostess thingie. My mom called me up (I was at home, sound asleep!) and told me to go there...Makati! Like immediately. I was interviewed by a Czech lady named Tereza who was actually complaining on how difficult it was to get the right person since the head hunters that were doing the service for them was sending her receptionists very much inexperienced with events management... So there. I'm still subject for a final interview with an American (I think she's American, or British?) woman early May.

On another topic, I'm smiling like crazy right now coz my boyfriend just informed me that he's got MSN messenger already. Finally, after ten thousand years. :) He too was amazed with the thing, said he should've created one a long time ago. Hahaha. For the Beirut part, he's still going there, though sched was delayed for a good nine days. Hmm.

On yet another topic, yesterday was my paternal grandparents' golden wedding anniversary, therefore, celebration! I wore my what I call mukhang basahan style (kasi para shang tagpi tagpi na pieces of cloth) but nevertheless elegant black dress which I bought from an ukay ukay store for twenty pesos. Yipee. The photo of me sporting my ultra messy hairstyle was from yesterday's event.

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