Sunday, April 16, 2006

SOUL searching

After officially being a bum for a few days, holy week came in and it's the same old things again. The Maundy Thursday's bisita iglesia, Good Friday's procession and Black Saturday's--oh, now there's something new... We left for Baguio early Saturday (and arrived after 7 hours due to lots of, uh, meals) and so now I'm here once again, back to where I was when I was also a bum after my OJT months ago.

And again, a rundown of events (sorry I don't seem to be very enthusiastic recently about going online like everyday):

Yesterday, 15 April

Left at about 5am and my stomach was really empty that I'm like picketing--if possible--inside the van and kept telling my Tatay that I wanna have breakfast. Well we did, of course, after 3hours into the travel. We stopped by Plaza Luisita and had our [big] breakfasts at Pancake House. Soon, after about two and a half hours we stop to have lunch! We eat to have fun, huh? We eat at this resto called SOUL Cafe (stands for Spice Of Urban Life) somewhere La Union, just before you enter zigzag. We'd been meaning to eat at this resto since last year but it seems that everytime we go to (and fro) Baguio, it's a Sunday and they're closed on Sundays. The second floor's got low tables that I practically sat on the floor. Cool.

...uh I feel like going home already, sorry. Will continue this, uhm, soon. :) Take care everyone, and happy easter!

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