Monday, April 10, 2006

Officially a Bum

Been a while, huh? A rundown of events:

Thursday, 06 April

Graduation at PICC. I had to wake up at 3am, call time is 6am, start is 7am and it ended at half past 11am. It was fun and cool. Somehow like highschool grad although you know less people and half a thousand are called onstage. By the way, only my parents went to my graduation (two tickets were unused, sayang) coz my sister can't bring her baby and my kuya won't go without somebody. Haha. It's my younger bro's grad in the afternoon as well. Anyway we had lunch at Manila Hotel and rushed all the way home to freshen up and be on time for my bro's grad at 4pm. It took forever to finish the graduation of a hundred highschool students; it ended at 8pm! Then, off to the restaurant for family gathering plus relatives on both sides. I was actually way too sleepy by the time we got there.

Friday, 07 April

By 9am I was already at school to return the toga that we rented. Then me and my friends went to the well-promoted TourismJobsFair at the Forum, PICC. I went there without a copy of my resume because they have been promoting that the online registration will enable you to edit your resume online and all you have to do is give them your reference account number so that they'd access your account. Well, thanks to the promotion, companies were asking me for a hard copy of my resume! Sheesh. Anyway, there weren't really much of big companies and I just applied to two hotels and then left

It was just 3pm, way too early for my shift, so I decided to get off at PeopleSupport Center and slept for about a couple of hours at the sleeping room and then afterwards went to the Robinson's Summit and had dinner before shift. I was so wasted that I went undertime and headed home.

Saturday, 08 April

Inasmuch as I still wanted to sleep, I had to get up and proceed to PS by 2pm regarding our contracts. It's the end of our contract and we were met by the HR officer and talked about our options. My contract wasn't extended due to the overflow of agents in our account and the only choice I have would be to go full-time--which I strongly don't want to do--so I declined the offer.

Loitered around the office while waiting for my batchmates to finish their 4pm-8pm shift, then off we go to Libis for our batch night out. Heehee, we went to this small bar where one of our batchmates, Melay, and her band are playing.

Sunday, 09 April

Sleep. Mass. Dinner at my grandma's house. Then watched The Gospel of Judas on NatGeo.

Will post pics when I have 'em. :) Byebye, we're off to go phone-hunting. Heehee. Excited.

By the way, although this sounded like a very happy post, I'm not so happy coz my plans of visiting my boyfriend were scrapped. He's being sent by the training center to Beirut for three months! Oh well.

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