Sunday, April 02, 2006


Nobody showed up and sent a Ni hao email last night so I left for work at half past eight, so I definitely arrived way too early for my midnight shift. With so much time to waste I grabbed something to drink at Country Style on the seventh floor of the building; it was the only that's open on Sundays pala. The people there were watching Pinoy Big Brother finals, and inasmuch as I wanted to wait for the Big Winner, I know I'd never be able to login on time if I did. As expected, it was Keanna. Hands down.

Except for trainees barging (or plain listening) to my call--which was a bit awkward--there wasn't anything new. I was supposed to go with Mara and her friends at, uh, anywhere, but I backed out when I learned that I won't be going with anybody (the big group had gone ahead). So we went home--tas nilibre pa nila ko, thanks!--and guess where I got off? No, I did not miss our street. No, I did not have breakfast at Jollibee either. I went to mass! Lucky to be able to attend the half of the 5:15 mass. Too good to be true? Sometimes I'm not all devils, you know. *wink*

When I finally reached home, I craved for goto [for the nth time]. My dad went out and bought breakfast and came back and throwed at me the Sunday issue of Manila Bulletin! Translation: Start job hunting. I remembered my application form for Starbucks as a barista. Yep, I picked one as I was waiting for my hot beverage to be served. Anyway, I didn't find much on the classifieds except for Abacus classes, a Bexair job opening for flight attendants (for which I'm ineligible coz I'm too young...haha! Requirement was 22y/o), Mandarin Oriental Manila's hiring for a receptionist and the rest are call centers.

I got curious when my dad announced he's watching TV tonight. (That's how we 'reserve' for the TV.) He said he's watching American Splendor on HBO tonight. Hmm. Reminds me, I haven't seen Ice Age 2 yet. Aww.

It's Pope John Paul II's death anniversary today, I believe. I even watched a special on CNN, I think. Let's pray for his soul.

As for the title, go figure.

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