Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All-New and Improved

In between waking up Al and replying to every single IM greeting, I was on YM with people back at home (who, in between preparing for New Year's Eve dinner and belting it all out on the Magic Sing that Al and I gave 'em, send quick messages every now and then). By 12mn--my timezone--they greeted me and my 'rents said some things.

Dad said:
Seriously though, I want to thank you for the year that was. We miss you. Luv You. Happpy new year and good morning!

Mom said:
Yes, we are grateful that you have always been good to your family. May you reach your goal and succeed in life. Happy 2008!

(As you know, I'm a crybaby!) So anyway, in all my conceitedness I jokingly told them I'm proud of myself too! LOL! But as they signed out to concentrate on their fireworks, it made me think: hell yea I am proud of myself.

Then: Material Girl.
Now: I realized material things don't give real happiness. Sure I do buy a lot than I used to when I was still a bum, but you tend to realize tangibles aren't everything.

Then: I wanna be rich, and shop like I don't need money.
Now: I have more than enough for myself, but then I can't really spend it all for myself. Happiness is being able to share what I have with my family, friends, and loved ones. And to those who need it.

Then: Dragging myself to church.
Now: Braving subzero weather and sleep insufficiency to be able to thank God. I feel very proud whenever I go to church; because nobody tells me or nags me to, but despite the fact that I'm tired and sleepy (and lazy), I still would.

Then: Super secretive about personal life to my family.
Now: My parents are the first to know everything, even things I whine about Al (sometimes). I used to put up a good image of my boyfriend to my parents, but now I let them see my boyfriend as he is.

There are a lot of things that happened to me, and they're all for the better me :) I thank God for making me realize a lot of things early in life (hey I'm just 21!) for me to able to live my life fruitfully and meaningfully. Grateful for my superb family, true friends and my boyfriend. I'm glad I'm past childish stages, kakitidan ng utak, and being unappreciative. Suddenly I'm thankful for all the emotional downs I experienced years back.

Woot! I love my 2007!

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