Saturday, January 05, 2008

80th and last

Yesterday was Lolo's 80th birthday. As always the caterers were called in and by nighttime, their backyard was turned into a reception area. Every year, Lolo's birthday is the first get together of the year; everyone in his family is invited--from his 11 siblings down to hundreds of grandchildren. Usually my lola would say we won't go for a big celebration, but my dad would always push the celebration through, and promised my lola he'd just do it til my Lolo's 80th.

And so, last night was the last. Probably around 200+ people were there. I was old enough to enjoy these things. When I was younger, I would only look forward to the food; but now, I actually talk and mingle with people (it's hard to know and be close to everyone, having such a large family). Some kids even performed dance/song/poem numbers for Lolo. Years back, it would always be my cousins and I performing whatever we had prepared.

This time we also rented a videoke machine so the MC would call on people to sing. By midnight, there was an Eagles-like ensemble on the [mini] stage: Tatay and three of his cousins, complete with stools and mic stands. By a little over 1am, almost all the people are gone, and it was time for me and my cousins to sing! :) We sang one by one until we took over the ensemble. There were all of us in front with the stools and microphone (and stands): Michael, Bob, me, Lennard, diko Ton, Miko and Ella.

It was so much fun singing altogether, but lola made us go home at past 4am :) Hehe.

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