Sunday, January 13, 2008

Summer Classes = Wedding?!

My younger bro, Miko, whose college fees I'm paying for, had voiced out his interest on taking summer classes this coming summer. Personally, I won't recommend taking summer classes (although I never tried) coz I think it's like there's no balance between work and play, summertime in Manila is also terribly hot and humid so it's a very uncooperative weather to be taking public transpo, and besides, squeezing what you could learn for a semester into two months is a bit too much, don't you think? And prolly tuition fees are greater. (No that's not what keeps me from making my bro go for summer classes... Seriously!)

Tatay actually think it's a good idea so I ask my brother more about it. Why is he taking summer classes, why can't he just wait for the subjects to be offered and take it the semester it's available, so on and so forth. Well it turned out that it's because of it being a pre-requisite to further subjects, blahblahblah...

Then Miko says he'd graduate by 2012 if he doesn't take em this summer, and 2010 if he does. Woah! Two years?! I don't think I'd still be flying til 2012, no way! So I finally decided to let him; but he's changed his mind thinking he's depriving himself of vacation days (oh why did he come to his senses!)

But still, Tatay's eager to have him finish asap so I had to half-jokingly tell him to take the classes so that he'd finish I could [prepare to] get married! Eek! (Imagine having to say that to your bro?)

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