Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Mornings

I'm back in Seoul from SF; I'm supposedly tired and sleepy after the two and a half hours delayed 12-hour flight. My SF layovers are always good, because of aL, of course. But whether or not we go visit some tourist places or not, it really doesn't matter.

One of the things I like best about SF is waking up beside aL. It's sweet how in the midst of extreme drowsiness/sleepiness one would always reach out to the other. He's on his back and I cuddle beside him, then when I turn to face the other side he does too to still be hugging me while we sleep. Care is when you wake up in the middle of the night and the first thing you do is check on whether the other is cold, if you've pulled the comforter too much leaving him/her too little. Affection is waking up to someone planting you a kiss before getting up before you do (to make breakfast, make coffee, go to the bathroom, or walk the dog).

...And writing this post just makes me miss him even more. Alright, run down of what we did.

January 15th - Arrival Day
I arrived on time and got to the hotel by noon. aL's still at work so Mama picked me up, we had buffet lunch at Moonstar then went to Target to get Sid some food and I bought gummi bears/worms for kuya and a few more things. We got home around 4 and I started 'inventing' a dinner recipe at 6-ish. aL got home soon after so we had dinner. Our night just won't be complete without having coffee so we went to Starbucks and rented Good Luck Chuck from the video store. Went home and watched the movie (my type of movie! haha) then went to sleep.

January 16th
Woke up and I prepared breakfast--yey I made him have something else other than coffee and yosi for breakfast! Then Mama went to work, we Xbox 360-ed til I fell asleep on the couch and four hours after he's still playing! Mama got home and we went to Twin Peaks, prolly the highest point in SF where you can see the whole of SF.

View from Twin Peaks--the whole of San Francisco.

Okay don't get carried away. That isn't aL and I. We climbed up the hill to watch the sunset and apparently another couple had the same idea. They were just so sweet. Literally just watching the sunset together. Aww...

Watched the lovely sunset. Then went to Westlake to have dinner at Banana Island, where we saw the politician Magsaysay (don't ask me who I wouldn't know, I don't dig politics). Window shopped at DSW Shoes, then Walgreens to buy some more sweets to bring home. When we got home he wanted to watch Boogeyman 2 but I don't like those kind of movies so I distracted myself with PSP and prepared him his dessert of cheesecake, then eventually I got drowsy with the colds medicine I took so I fell asleep on the couch while he was watching the movie.

January 17th - Departure Day
Alarm rang 6am, but it was 8am when we got up. Rush, rush to make it on time for my 10am showup at the hotel. 9:30 I got to my hotel room and I found out our flight's delayed so showup's at 12:30. We were able to have breakfast at the diner across the street. He left at about 11:15 =(

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