Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nokia-lucky day

I was in denial state for a few weeks now that I lost my Nokia 7210. The worst part being, I didn't know where I did. I had flown from SF to Seoul to LA to Seoul when I realized my phone isn't where I thought it was. Searched all of my luggages in Korea and asked Al to look for it at their SF home. No luck.

So today, I went to Robinson's Place Ermita to get a new phone. The one I've been liking. Nokia 6300. No, I don't get envy when people get an iPhone coz I like this one. It's not as advanced as the recent phones, but it's sleek and elegant. I like that. I've been at the mall for 15minutes and I've just visited the Nokia store when out of nowhere someone says in chirpy voice, "Hi Ryyyne."

I look around and see Anne, my college classmate. We exchange greetings and she asks why I was there. I told her I was gonna buy a phone. She goes to tell me she knows where to get em cheap but original... Then I ask her why she's alone. A silly look creeps up and then I remember that she's actually a Nokia rep and the very store I just walked out of is her office. Silly me. What's ironic is that this Nokia rep is bringing me to Telecom World on the other end of the mall to get me my Nokia.

Not a bad idea though. The phone was PhP9,200 at the Nokia store and I bought it for PhP7,500. And since Anne is an expert, she inspected every bit and piece of the contents of the box to make sure they're genuine and all I did was pay. :) My gosh, she saved me time and effort.

In return, I treated her for pasta at The Old Spaghetti House. We catched up on each other and she sent me some of our other classmates' numbers. We forgot to get a micro SD for my phone so we asked a store and it's like P900 so she texts her friend again and her friend gave the 1GB micro SD for P500. :) Sweet.

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