Saturday, January 12, 2008


I got back in Seoul about three hours delayed because of heavy snow causing the congestion at airports. I walked in at the hotel around 9-ish and was really hella tired that the front desk agent filled out my form and just asked me to sign it. I checked on Creworld for my next day's schedule and oh boy wasn't I the luckiest? I got Taipei early morning. Which meant I needed to sleep asap and wake up in less than 6hours to fly it.

If not for the light load on today's Taipei, I would call in sick. My tomorrow's Manila quickturn got changed to standby, which is good but in some ways it isn't. I was rooting for dayoff-MNL-dayoff-SFO which turned to TPE-stby-dayoff-SFO. And if tomorrow's gonna be turned to a dayoff (coz I'm one hour away from maximum flight time per month of 95 hours, so it's gonna be difficult to get me a 30-minute quickturn flight), it won't really make much sense coz two days of in preparation for a SFO flight where I'm an add (non-working) crew? Nonsense.

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