Friday, January 25, 2008

Stereotyping Flight Attendants

There's this CNN report regarding a Thai TV soap opera that's "causing a stir" among flight attendants. The soap, its title translating to Battle of Angels, depicts flight attendants being in a lot of catfights, sex on layovers and stuff like it. (click to see the video clip)

The producers and other people, of course, see nothing wrong with it and they don't understand why it's causing such complaints from the FA Association in Thailand(?) and that it's actually attracting lots of viewers. My take? They will NEVER understand.

I speak for myself: I am already dealing with trying to shrug off stereotype comments of people that flight attendants have boyfriends everywhere, having sex with whoever, getting it on the Mile High Club with passengers, or sleeping with captains and first officers. For the stereotype idea to be immortalized in television, makes all the other people believe that it is indeed what happens and it is the LIFE of a flight attendant.

Struggle is a good word. You never can take it away if my boyfriend fears that I do have that life. We [flight attendants] struggle to prove our faithfulness. I'm glad that Al has been over that issue already; I'm just lucky I have someone who really trusts me. But for the other FAs, everyday, every flight and every layover is a struggle.

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