Thursday, March 30, 2006

Darn! Darn! Darn!

I can't believe it. I missed the train station again, for the second time. I did. Really.

+ + +

The four weeks of work schedule that we have plotted ends on April 1st so it means that we need to plot for schedules again, eventhough the remaining days would be just a mere week (contract expires April 8th, and it's dependent on the appraisal whether or not you get a chance to extend the contract). And then they did something horrible, again. They made us draw lots on who would plot his sched first. And, we're limited to four hours per day but minimum per week is twenty hours; there's also a certain number of agents needed per shift. So that means, if a certain shift has been filled out, you'd have to settle for the remaining shifts. Illogical! The reason why you're a part timer is because you can't work settle for work hours that aren't suitable to your existing time commitments! Some shifts just need 15 agents, and we're like, eighty five people who'd plot for a desired schedule. That's really...stupid. I just got lucky I got number 03.

+ + +

I got three huge zits and it's depressing me. I was never the type who'd have zits, but thanks to the meds-slash-contraceptives that I'm taking, it's giving me a breakout due to hormonal changes.

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