Sunday, March 11, 2007


I almost didn't make it to my flight home.

Slept at 12mn, requested a wakeup call for 4:30, set my alarm clock for 5am.

No use. When I peeped through my eyemask, it was 5:20. I was horrified. I ran around like crazy. My "ref bags" aren't prepared yet, my trolley's still hanging open, and I haven't ironed my apron. My laptop still running and connected.

I tried asking for help. Precious, in the adjacent room. I dial her room number.

"Pre, tulungan mo naman ako, kakagising ko lang."

"Ha? Ganun? Ah, sige."

5 seconds. Then 10. I knew she must've been too drowsy to understand what I was asking her for. I became Speedy Gonzales.

I tie my hair--no gel nor hair spray--then don my uniform plus stockings. Threw everything I need to bring to Manila inside my trolley and everything else inside my ref bags. Gulped a glass of milk and munched on the only thing I could eat: Mars, perfect for an instant sugar rush. Replied to a few open messenger windows and hit Shutdown, pulled the LAN cable and stuffed it inside my laptop bag.

Jumping into my uniform 7-cm shoes and clutching my makeup case, I drag all 6 bags (2 big 'ref bags', 2 uniform trolleys, 1 uniform bag and 1 laptop bag) out of my room and into the elevator. I hit the "1" button with all my might and check my watch: 5:45.

The moment I stepped out of the lift, I uttered, "You did not give me a wakeup call." To which the front desk rep rechecks for my room number and apologizes. After I pull out all bags to the lobby I proceeded for check out procedures, plopped onto a sofa and started doing makeup sans foundation and eyeliner. My face looked pale with just a silver eyeshadow, a few dots of gel blush and a dab of lipgloss on.

I was still worrying about my no-hair spray bun when my senior comes out of the lift. I whined.

"Muntik na 'ko ma-'miss flight'. Di ako nagising. Di rin na-wakeup call. Mukha pa kong basura, wala pang makeup and sabog yung hair."

"Okay lang yun add crew ka naman eh."

"Duty po ako. Working. Si Miss Sophie po yung add crew."

"Hinde, dalawa kayo."


I was redo-ing my hair as I ran to the business center to check on CreWorld:

701A Katrina Naval 622554 A

A! I am, indeed, an add crew. (Nonworking, I'll change into casuals and let my hair down once I get on the plane and take the flight as a passenger.)

Don't you agree that God just loves me so much? Now I understand why I wasn't able to iron my apron, do my hair neatly and makeup perfectly...coz I'll just sleep through the flight! Amazing! Thanks God! *wink*

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