Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missing school

I miss my classmates, I miss fun, I miss sneaking out of classes.

When I went home this month, I met up with college barkada (minus one, who suddenly couldn't make it). We still talked endlessly like we do back then. (Now over milkshakes. Before over kikiam. =P) No particular topic, no barriers, no nothings.

Last night I had dinner with Rica, a college classmate who went back to Hong Kong during our junior year. We haven't seen her for three years and it's great seeing her again. She's getting married very soon, April to be exact. And a four month baby inside her to follow her first daughter Freya, who's four.

+ + +

I got tagged! (Rule: You're not supposed to say who tagged you.)

1. Your lunch today
- Should that be the second meal of the day or the food you ate at around noon today? Hmm. I'm guessing tuna and SkyFlakes with mayo on top. And coffee, decaf.

2. Last movie that you have seen?
- "Because I Said So." But I slept halfway through the movie. Not that it's bad, I was just so sleepy that night.

3.Song you never got tired of listening
- I can't single one out. There's a lot!

4. TV show you are watching right now
- I ain't a TV person.

5.Missing someone, a boy, perhaps?
- Yes.

6. Movie you want to see this month
- I don't even know what's showing next. But prolly, "It's a Boy Girl Thing," for the lack of updates on movies.

7. Last song you heard/watched on MTV
- The Reason by Hoobastank. Saw it on MTV China, while in HK.

8. You want to eat
- Shrimps.

9.Ever cried because of a boy
- Malamang.

10. First movie you’ve ever seen in a movie theater
- I can't remember but prolly Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast.

11. First blog you’ve visited today [excluding yours]

12. Do you want guys to be the ones who’ll make the first move?
- Whoever has got the guts and the feelings, then it's fine. No stereotypes for me. And yes, I do first moves.

13. Ever had a crush on someone of the same gender?
- No, but I can tell who's hot and who's not.

14. The last person you’ve ever taken a photo of
- Me with Rica ^

15. Did somebody ever say you were good at cooking?
- Yes. When me and my sister lived in Baguio for three months with our maternal grandparents, twas a Sunday and Lola had stuff to do in the city so I'm left to do with all the cooking. And all I find is chicken. Barged through the cabinets to find anything else to add. When Lola came she asked what I was cooking. I have no idea. Come lunchtime, she said it was good. I was a good cook--on the no-menu category.

Let's tag... Hmm. Niko, Tin and ate CheChe? Sorry guys if you're too old for this. =P

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