Monday, March 12, 2007

FA talk

"Admittedly, I shop more often now than I do before. But basically that's it."

That's me--last night at Greenbelt 1--telling my college friend Lyka (on an FA to a soon-to-be-FA pep talk), on what difference my job had done. I advised her to prepare for stereotyped concepts of an FA from other people. There are a lot, most interestingly that we're high-maintenance now.

I dare to disagree. I still eat at carinderias, take the jeepneys, or shop at Divi. What's so high-maint about that? Let's go over pros and cons.

The Perks:

1. Obviously, a bit more salary than what you'll usually get if you take a regular job in the Philippines. That said, of course you'll satisfy your material wants in less time than you expected. If you see me buying stuff, it doesn't mean wala na 'kong mapaglagyan ng pera. Those things, I'd still buy them even if I'm on regular wage. Pagiipunan.

2. I get the best prices. (I'm still on the shopping topic?!) Sure I never shopped in M&S before, but why do I now? Coz in London M&S is just like SM: department store and supermarket. Where could you get a small bottle of J.Lo perfume for less than P800? Singapore. Lacoste shirts? Delhi. Gadgets? Singapore and Seoul. iPods? MacBooks? US! So the next time you see an FA sport a Bulgari watch or something, keep in mind that maybe she didn't buy it as expensive as you think. Or maybe, it's even fake. (Korean crew's gratitude to unbelievably believably real merchandise at Ho Chi Minh!)

3. Photos. Of course. Priceless.

4. Variety of culture.


1. This had never happened to me--thank God I had such wonderful friends--but to some of my donggis. Your friends call you, you go all out partying and then hand the bill over to you. Aw c'mon! Do we look like the bank or something? Sure we could pay for that, but the thing is, you never even told us it's on us. Sana kung kami nag-aya. And we'd surely shell out more than the equal share had you not slapped the bill to our face.

2. (In relation to number 1) Suddenly everyone wants to be your friend.

3. (Still on the same line) Suddenly everyone wants to be your boyfriend. In hopes you'd give a TechnoMarine on his birthday? Or that you'd get him the latest pairs of Nike in town. Or for the mere fact that you're an FA--so that he could brag about it. Silly, but it happens.

4. On the contrary: Insecurities. Out of nowhere your ol' friends seem shy and insecure around you. The hindi-ka-na-mareach spiel. G**damnit. High-maint. Duh!

Anyway, screw stereotypes. I don't effin' care. I shopped yesterday and spent a lot. I ought to reward myself at least every quarter. Haha I made that up. =) What did I buy? Hmm.

+ Neutrogena Body Oil. Lotion just can't get past the dryness in Seoul.

+ My first perfume ever. Escada Pacific Paradise. It was on sale and I unfortunately don't have a Singapore flight this month's about time! Weee. This made me soo happy.

+ Nivea Lip Balm. I couldn't imagine I've finished one already.

+ Two polo-shirt tops from Surplus. Same style, different color. Haha.

+ A pair of brown flipflops from SM Department Store. Summer! :)

Unfortunately the department store run out size 38s for one of the top things I'm looking for: a pair scarlet red pumps that I'm dying to have ever since I saw them while window shopping in London. Sayang!

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