Monday, March 05, 2007

Little-known but observable

(Note: Sinisipag ako mag-blog lately.)

Little-known but observable facts about me. Haha. Suddenly I'm self-centered?

1. I rarely brush my hair. Especially when I'm not going anywhere. Like, I take a bath and that's it. Nagkakasubukan kung aling hair products ang maganda sa hair. Haha. And I like it when my hair's all messed up. (So if you saw me on webcam with my hair looking like a riot, wonder no more.)

2. Never have I worn watches until I learned that it was part of our uniform to wear one. Never a jewelry girl, but if I'm to wear at least one, I'd go for earrings. I'd wear a ring only if somebody gave me.

3. I never really wore makeup (not even during college). I just wear them now for work. Imagine how difficult it was for me to learn how to do my face in a matter of weeks. Even now, it still takes me 5-10 minutes to put on [liquid] eyeliner on my lids.

4. On my phone's notes, I have a "Things I Want to Do/Be Before I Die" list.

5. Somebody wrote me a poem! Woah.

6. I could stick for years to a phone that I really like and replace it only when I can't make a call na. Never mind those Nseries thingies.

7. I'm a crybaby. (Okay so this isn't really little-known.)

8. I type 55wpm without looking at the keyboard. And I'm proud of it.


I've been asked with "What's your ideal guy like?" so often lately so here goes.

Physically, I'm into neat looking people so goatees and bald guys are out, and preferably taller than me. Yun lang, ganun kasimple, seriously. On for the tougher requirements.

Masarap kausap. Meaning mabilis ang pick-up and with good English. Sorry naman, coz sometimes I blab about in straight English so it makes me awkward kung maghihintay ako bago madigest nung kausap ko yung sinasabi ko. And as with any girl, a plus factor would be sense of humor. Oh and being a li'l smart won't hurt. =)

Ayoko ng mas maarte pa sa 'kin, coz I'm never the maarte type so...

Confident and never insecure. Especially regarding salary. OMG. You cannot imagine how people get insecure over a simple thing like that.

Not insensitive. I don't want to put "sensitive" coz it might mean something else.

Someone who's got dreams and strives to make them come true. Like, there's a will and there's a way.

And last but never the least. Effort.

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