Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sick of LHR

Song lyrics stuck in my head throughout the London flight:
"No I'm never gonna give you up for someone else's love..."

+ + +

Layover, I was with my donggies Mica, MM and Karen. New experience: Pizza Hut's pizza, pasta and salad buffet for lunch. Yum!

+ + +

Seoul to London, I was an add crew so I spent 12 hours as a passenger. I finally watched The Prestige and gawd, it's as if all the seven capital sins were elements of the movie! Unbelievable! I who dislikes weird endings and costumed-movies...actually appreciated that movie.

Five hours into the flight I flip through the movie listings available on board, I decided to watch a movie I've noticed through TVCs in Seoul. (200-pound Beauty is the English movie title.)

And it's good. It made me laugh so hard that I actually wondered if passengers on the nearby seats would complain about me anytime soon. And made MM teary-eyed towards the end of it.

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