Friday, March 30, 2007

Sydney afterMATH

I can't believe I just got off a Sydney flight. I can't. It felt like a prolonged Hanoi flight.

[Ed's note: The Hanoi flight is a dreadful one, it's one of the cheap destinations so imagine who takes those flights. To cut the chase, a Korean crew once told me that most of Hanoi passengers are farmers and/or first time flyers. In turn, they try to squeeze out all that they can from the fare they paid, thus resulting to shortage of soda, beer, peanuts, and even postcards. Passenger call chimes might eventually create a Mozart masterpiece or something. And then you get the tap on your behind, the old ladies shouting for water--to the point you'd want to pull the earphones off their ears to let them know it's actually a quiet surrounding sans the movie on high volume, the drinking sessions of the old men by the emergency doors, and the sleeping people on the aisle. A worse version of the Hanoi flight is the Siem Reap flight.]

Add that difficulty level to the fact that I'm a walking zombie. Been awake for:
7 hours prior to show up time
+ showup time and travel time to airport and passing through immi, customs and all the x-rays on earth (1.5 hour)
+ waiting time by the gate due to delayed connection (35 minutes)
+ ground preparation (30 minutes)
+ boarding time (30 minutes)
+ ground movement (20 minutes)
+ actual flight time (10 hours)
+ landing (30 minutes)
+ deplaning (20 minutes)
+ going through Incheon airport (20 minutes)
+ waiting for the bus (15 minutes)
+ travel time from airport to hotel (50 minutes)
+ from then til now (4 hours)
= 25 hours 40 minutes?

Add them again to the fact that I only had breakfast. We serve two main meals on board and a sandwich for long flights but due to how terribly busy we were, I got to eat a hurried first meal and that's it.

Multiply those by the fact that my galley jang (leader) is an ultimate bitch. The mangne (most junior) actually told me, "Sunbaenim (senior), I want to cry." To which I reply, "Na do." (Me too.) Not just coz the jang is bitching us, but because it's difficult times like these that we expect our seniors to actually help out. Or at least try not to drain us emotionally when we're drained physically. [Ed's note: In Korea, seniority is everything.]

Whatever happened to Sydney flight?

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