Monday, March 05, 2007

Blown Away

I witnessed light snow today. I was on the treadmill (yes, I was trying to sweat out all the Mars bars I ate in London). Pardon me but it was my first time to see [light] snow falling down. Hindi pa nga mukhang snow talaga, but I'm so amazed. They seem like light feathers (alam nyo yung 'wish' na feather) getting blown by the wind to all directions. People wore their hoods to prevent them from getting stuck on their hair.

My run became a leisurely walk all of a sudden. Thoughts came to mind. I was half day dreaming, half thinking of reality:

US flights. It's snowy in Chicago now. I can't imagine myself having a flight to Chicago and trying to fit boots and winter coats in such a small uniform trolley bag.

Bangkok. My college friend Lyka will be in Bangkok from March 28 til sometime May for her training at JAL. And I'm thinking I might not be able to request for a weekend Bangkok flight coz it's March already. Requests for April are so over and I already have a May request (my birthday dayoff in Manila).

Saipan. My first flight to Saipan tomorrow. I was soo excited to spend time at the wonderful beaches but unfortunately it's raining nowadays. *slump*

Manila. And after Saipan I get to go home. Weeee. I miss home. I'm excited to bring home the cereals (Triple Chocolate Crunch) I bought from M&S Food.

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