Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bridget Jones (mind the Brit accent)

Ah, bliss. (Going home and) sleeping very late and therefore waking up late.

Yesterday was that date which ended early this morning. Three bruises after (one on each shin and another on my left shoulder) and a wet left foot, I'm still alive. I can't believe how unsafe Star City is. C'mon, it wouldn't hurt to add a li'l more padding to harnesses, or make rollercoaster tracks smoother. I prefer EK now. I still prefer real parks over theme parks though.

The good thing is that my date's superb; absolutely no boring second. (Thank God!) So in between trying to ease left shoulder pain with the cold of Zagu and shaking off water in my shoes, I'm laughing til eternity.

For the first few rides he was wondering why I wasn't even batting an eyelash when all the other people are screaming their hearts out (I was talking and laughing while everyone else is shrieking). And then he realized (and remembered) that I'm a flight attendant so I'm most likely used to it. And I guess he's right. Haha. With all the turbulence you experience on board, who'd freak out with Anchor's Away (or whatever they call it at Star City)?

'Nuff about the date. Won't want to bore you with uncalled for details. Haha. A few days ago I've decided I'd stop (making my friends go) searching for dates and just let those guys find me. And surprisingly, they indeed do. Haven't even left and I have five pending for March. (Six if you count the second date with yesterday's date) Ironic, isn't it?

Anyway am glad my requested days off for March was granted, coz it's dad's birthday on the 15th. And finally God granted my wishes for a Saipan flight. Wee. Beach! (But three gruelling long flights in return: two Londons and a Sydney!)

This is so Bridget Jones:
Total dates so far: 6
Second dates: 1
Ditched: 2
Pending firsts: 5
Pending seconds: 1

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