Wednesday, February 14, 2007

VDay Dinner

Happy heart's day everyone! Whether that's a broken heart or the other way around, I'd still greet you. (And Tin, come out and don't mind all the lovers! *wink)

Despite a very unexpected phone conversation with my now ex-boylet last night (and another at 4am) I woke up lighthearted. Smiling, greeting everyone, even "bitter to bits" Niko and my dongkis who are terribly sad in Korea, being miles away from their boyfriends and looking out to a snowing weather on VDay. (Darn I never get to be there when it snows!) A few hours later my kuya wakes up and so I consult with him regarding our VDay plans. Turns out he doesn't have any (oh, poor girlfriend!) so I suggest they come with us. We call up about ten restaurants and nobody seems to accept reservations. Argh. Anyway, a little more discussion and we've decided.

Noontime and I turn the radio on hoping to listen to a few of the latest hit songs here in the Philippines, so I go for LSFM for their noontime countdown. Lo and behold, I had to blink twice and check if I had chosen the right frequency. Whatever happened to LS?! In the words of Niko, they've become "masa". And it sucks, big time. (And yes Niko, with the same DJs, it sucks even more.) Ugh.

Anyway, 5pm I start prepping up for my VDay dinner. By 5.30 we're off. To Manila Hotel. It's got one of the best buffets in town (like prawn salad is actually prawns with mango bits and not mango with bits of prawns), and besides, ambience is very conducive to conversation. Dinner starts 6. It isn't the usual a couple or three tables occupancy today; a couple or three tables unoccupied. Still, it doesn't sound like we're in a market, unlike if you dine out at say, Saisaki, today.

Eat, coffee, kwento. Repeat. Hehe. After three hours it's pay time and I pick up the bill coz it's my treat. Whew. Never paid so much in one blow. Hehe. But it's worth it.

No, I didn't have a date. It's a family dinner. :P Coz Valentines is about the people you love. :naks:

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