Wednesday, February 28, 2007

US: Very Soon

The schedule for US [crew] Visa interview was released today. We're going for April 3rd. And unlike some of my donggis, I ain't really thrilled. Allow me to enumerate the reasons.

1. If April is the interview, by May we're probably flying US already. I fear that my [birthday] Manila dayoff request will be affected with the intrusion of US flights.

2. Longer and more difficult flights.

3. More expensive layovers. (It's like London every time na, which I'm starting to hate but am going there tomorrow.)

4. I don't really have relatives in the US.

5. Most probably US flights would make up our month's schedule. (And gawd I'm gonna miss: shopping for perfume at Singapore; eating pho at Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi; Thai massage in Bangkok; beaches of Phuket and Saipan; and more shopping.)

Anyway as usual, I always make the most out of anything... So NYC, LA, SanFo, Seattle and Chicago, here I come.

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