Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Arrivals

Just got back from Taipei quickturn flight and I'm so sleepy. I had just three hours of sleep prior to work so... Anyway, don't you worry I'm lucky I didn't encounter another one of those passengers or else all hell breaks loose.

I actually found, on the contrary, a Filipina. Twenty-five, she's studying in Taipei for her MBA. Graduated from La Salle and is going to Korea for one week. All I could tell her was, "adik ka naman mag aral?" Haha. We exchanged calling cards and hopefully she'd drop me a line. Too bad I don't have a day off before I go home, I can't even take her around.

Plug: Just updated my links down there so I hope you visit the new arrivals. Maxi and Katia. Yes, she's got the same name. Same spelling. We love the same color. And her blog is PurpleStars. My Friendster profile's got purple stars all over. Coincidences. Wee.

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