Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Congratulate ...them.

Woohoo! Award! Hehe. We (Asiana Airlines) got a Global Traveler award (again, for the third consecutive year) for Best Onboard Service and Flight Attendants. As if I had contributed to those three years! Haha. Nagfi-feeling. (read more...)

Which reminds me, when I was to go home last Feb 11, my cabin manager was Cho Young Su. Among crew members, he's one of the most famous managers, coz he was formerly a Safety instructor at the training center and, as you may have guessed, one of the toughest. Now that he's no longer an instructor, he still acts like he's still one by asking too many safety-related questions during pre-flight briefing and sometimes if you don't answer them right, he won't let you take your flight. Imagine my fear of not being able to take my flight home.

Come pre-flight briefing, out of thirteen cabin crew members to work on that flight, guess who's the lucky one to get asked? *Sigh. And I was lucky indeed, coz I got asked with an easy question. It so happened that that flight was one of the lightest loads for a Manila flight ever so Mr. Cabin Manager had all the time in the world to interrogate each of them pa while we've nothing to do inflight. So in the end they get more difficult questions and lots of uneasy feeling throughout the flight while I'm serving drinks with a big smile. Hehe.

Whew. And I thought I've survived? Last night my donggi sent me a message: Cho Young Su tom. Aral n. Ulit. Aw c'mon?! How lucky could I get? And as if Mr. Cho heard my prayers, he swapped his Manila flight for a Hong Kong flight late last night. Success!

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