Friday, February 23, 2007

REP: Could Not Ask for More!

Darn! My first uber-delayed flight ever. Outbound (to Siem Reap) we were delayed by one hour due to flight connection (in simple lingo: ang tagal dumating ng plane na gagamitin) and was further delayed due to aircraft maintenance. When we were still on ground at [Seoul] Incheon, the question among crew members wasn't even, when we're gonna fly, rather it was, are we gonna fly. But then we did, eventually. Halfway through the flight, captain notifies crew members that we might stop over at MNL* (yes, Manila!) for refuelling. How doomed could a flight be? I picture Air Crash Investigation on NatGeo already.

After fifteen minutes, captain decides fuel is sufficient to reach Cambodia. On we go. I just realized how clueless passengers could be.

All's well, we land at REP* which pretty much looks like just double CRK*. Then layover--nothing to do, i just swam eight laps and sunbathed til I got sunburnt.

Two hours prior to showup time at the hotel lobby, front desk rep calls up to inform us that the flight from Seoul to Siem Reap was delayed (again!) and so showup time was delayed as well. Apparently heavy fog (read: zero visibility) almost cancelled flights that day and that our return team yesterday had to land at a domestic airport in Korea to wait til all's well at Incheon. Terrible.

After a few more hours we arrive at the airport and check which gate we're supposed to wait at (and then realizing it doesn't really matter coz you see everything regardless of gate numbers) and there it was: OZ 738 - Seoul - DELAYED 1hr40mins. Talk about a big flashing red remark.

As expected, passengers are all over the waiting area, brows furrowed, most are sleeping already, and all are irate.

*Airport codes, sorry.
MNL: Manila Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport
REP: Siem Reap Angkor Int'l Airport
CRK: Clark Diosdado Macapagal Int'l Airport

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