Thursday, February 01, 2007

Terrible Chinese

Monday night:
I notice Chinese crew at our hotel home in Seoul. I ask one where she's from. "Guangzhou," she says. Reminds me of my recent ex who lives in the same city.

Tuesday evening:
Off to Hong Kong night flight. Arrives at HK at midnight. I felt a sudden urge to send him an SMS to come over as he's just an hour away. Decides against it eventhough I've already composed a message as it's too late and I only have 12 hours layover so I'd better sleep to prep for return flight.

Wednesday early evening:
Arrives at hotel in Seoul from HK flight that's so terrible that my senior would whine, "Terrible Chinese!" Signs in to MSN and finds offline messages from that Chinese guy. Sweetness. Regrets I didn't send that message.

Wednesday night:
He signs in to MSN. Chats with him in between chatting with a lot other people on YM. He's sad I didn't even tell him that I was there. More regrets. "Even if you'd stay [in HK] for just a few hours, it's okay, at least I'd see you," he said in Mandarin. Gaaaad. And my Chinese (language!) is terrible as well.

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