Tuesday, September 11, 2007

APEC at Sydney

Had a flight to Sydney with Mica--we were actually together on my first Sydney flight too, almost a year ago--but yea we didn't get anywhere because of the APEC thing, everything was barricaded and/or cordoned off.

First day:
Arrived in SYD at a little before 8am and then headed to the hotel; the flight was half full so it's okay. Communicated with aL and his mom for instructions on meeting their relatives in Aus, waited for a phonecall for like three hours, and I was so bangag then! Anyway we're supposed to meet Tita Bambi (who turned out to be un-tita-ish coz she's just 28!) at 3pm, but Mica and I got hungry so we went out while waiting for her SMS.

An eerie George Street

Golly, George Street was like a ghost town! Most shops within three blocks are closed, except for 7Elevens... We ate at McDonald's and walked and walked til we got to Woolworths and bought chocolates to bring home, cereals and milk to eat at the hotel and fruit (and cream wee!) By night time, there's still no sign of Tita Bambi. Geez, I wish I had taken Mica to the Sydney Tower!


Anyway we just hanged out eating strawberries and grapes and cream which were soo yummy and then Jack dropped by and said there'd be fireworks later on.

Wasted: Mica, me and Jack

And oh boy! The fireworks display was great! We were screaming and jumping up and down like kids! Haha :)

The fireworks and the Opera House

Second day:
Woke up to phonecalls and realized I slept for thirteen hours (for someone who was awake for 48, that's not much) hehe I told Mica we'll go see whatever today but she was kinda lazy that day so she put it off til early afternoon. But no, we weren't able to do so coz Tita Bambi called up and they picked me up, together with Lola Betty and went to visit Auntie Alice at the hospital.

Auntie Alice

Then we had dinner together with Tito Bimbim (Tita Bam's bro) and Grandpa Jeff--Lola Betty's husband. We ate at Kenny's and it was so good! :) Lotsa talkin' throughout and I really had fun; eventually they brought me back to the city and I walked again (haha coz streets were still closed near our hotel) and bought some dinner for Mica.

At Kenny's with Tita Bambi, Lola Betty, Grandpa Jeff and Tito Bimbim

I got there at 7pm and started watching something about the September 11 special on Flight 93 on Discovery channel. It got me crying buckets! As in, OMG! I remembered when I saw United 93 in Jersey... Anyway I continued to snack on grapes and cream hahaa :)

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