Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bits and bytes

Congratulations, Meloisa for passing the September 2007 Med Tech Board Exams! I just knew you could definitely do it!

+ + +

I started going to the gym yesterday, again, after a long hiatus. And today, I was on the elliptical machine for about an hour and a half! Woah! I finished a whole magazine and got to watch half of The Queen on tv... ~whew~

+ + +

Mica and I are flying to Sydney tomorrow; I reckon it's time for better photos of the Opera House since I have D this time. (The first Sydney flight I had was also with her.) But then, MM just arrived today from Sydney and told us that security's tight at the hotel AND the Opera House area because of the APEC summit. President Arroyo is even checked in at the same hotel we stay at. Geez! I'm still hoping though.

+ + +

Monica just bought her own D40x, from NYC! I'm sure you'd enjoy it Monix!

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