Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweet goodbyes

I've uploaded our photos from my recent SF layover and they were really gorgeous; and aL (the lazy blogger) had been really thrilled with the trial version of Corel that he had so he has been editing some photos that we have...which I find very sweet of course.

I find everybody sweet lately. Jai wants to meet up for this new idea for his blog and to "repay" me for my "kindness," and there's also this dedicated song for me and aL, Tin has also been really in love so I find her sweet too (thanks to Vinz, I guess?)... Is everybody getting sweeter or am I just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? I wouldn't know.

Also, everybody seems to be leaving. Karla's set for Dubai in a month or so according to Godfrey, turns out she went to the POEA and applied for a job. Rachelle's going somewhere in UAE too, early October, and will work there. Sweetie (Chezza), as far as I know, got into JAL with Ma-an and Ruzelle so I'm guessing they'll be leaving soon, too.

Bianca, my donggi here at Asiana, had just went home for the last time today. (We actually had Krispy Kreme and Papa John's for her despedida last night.) She'll be flying out to New York early October and will be working there. Kat's gon' be leaving soon too, for a middle eastern airline. Anne's last month would be September. And almost everyone else is planning on applying for a different airline.

I so hate goodbyes.

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