Saturday, September 15, 2007

AF Base

Long and late post(s).

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September 13
Phnom Penh

Twas my second time to PNH, but my first was a year ago where I didn't even go out of the hotel. So this time I did, and I so regret that I didn't bring D along, I could've taken a lot of good photos--including my first tuktuk ride. Anyway I went to the Russian Market (I dunno how it's spelled but that's how it's pronounced) coz i wanted to go shop for a few clothes. It was like a small Divi, but with lesser people.

To whoever had advised me to shop there, I was grateful! You know how when you shop at H&M or Aeropostale or A&F and the likes, you flip the tag and you see it's made in Bangladesh or Cambodia or wherever? Well hehe, I bought an H&M hoodie for $4; an Aeropostale spag for $2, blouse for $3, thermals for $3. Then further down the market I saw DVDs, and I bought the whole seven seasons of Gilmore Girls for $24, and a Worms (PC game) CD for $1. Heehee, I'm gonna be stuck on my laptop for more reasons now! :)

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September 14
Out to Osan

I arrived from Phnom Penh and did my laundry, took a bath, chatted with aL and Kayety and a li'l while later I head off to Osan, where the US Air Force base is at. I'm off to meet Kayety, after 4years (I can't remember exactly). So I traveled one hour by subway and another by bus. I seriously didn't know where I was goin' but obviously had the guts to do so haha :) I don't actually take buses in Seoul coz you could practically reach everywhere by subway, but then Osan is not in Seoul so the only means of transpo would be taxi or bus!

Met Kaye after I got off at the bus station and we took a cab to go to the base, but they won't let me in coz I didn't bring my passport along (and they don't take foreign IDs!) so Kaye decided to check me in in a nearby hotel. I didn't even know she was plannin' on havin' me at Osan til the next day, I didn't even bring a toothbrush!

Anyway they hanged out a bit and then went back to the base and I took a two-hour nap (gawd I was so sleepy coz I came straight from a red eye flight). And then Kaye calls up and it was rainin' hard so we stay at my room and chat til 11pm and lookin' out the rain was not as heavy so we head out downtown to grab somethin' to eat; almost every resto's closed by now so we just had McDo and then hit the bar to chill out. (I was wearin' shorts, poloshirt and sneakers while Kaye was in sweatpants, sweatshirt and sneakers! Haha, so much for party clothes, e?)

We were just talkin', and every now and then she'd see some friends from the base and introduce me to them; I must've been introduced to more than 20guys, whose names I instantly forget. By 1am-ish Kaye, Montae and another guy walks me back to the hotel, a short phonecall to aL and then I'm flat on my bed!

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September 15
Snuck In

Woke up at about 10-ish and by 12 I've checked out already; Kaye and Montae picked me up and Montae helped Kaye sneak me in into the base! Wahaha! OMG, the base was like a city of its own, you practically have everything in there, from grocery, to bars, to bowling alleys, to cinemas, name it! It's so big too, I don't know how many hectares.

Anyway I met more people and we hanged out at their gym where they were holding a three-point shootout. By the end of it, there were free shirts for all the participants and Wayne was sweet enough to give me his! Yay thanks man! Then me and Kayety grabbed somethin' to eat at BX--their small mall--and got so stuffed! We went to the dorms and hanged out at her room and she gave me some of her clothes (coz she gotta throw some stuff out coz she's movin' out and gettin assigned to Okinawa, Japan by the end of the month).

Was ready to go by 4:30 but we can't find Greg, with whom Kayety left D, and we found him about an hour after! Sheesh! Got to the bus terminal by 5:40 and arrived in my hotel in Seoul at 7:30-ish.

I've just finished packin' for tomorrow's flight and I'm still not sleepy.

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