Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mom & Dad and the visas

I've been meaning to post here since days ago but I was stuck with my dad's office' computer which for some reason gets an error whenever I go to Blogger.

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My parents--after deciding months ago to forego the foreign-country-tour for their silver wedding anniversary--had redecided to go for it. On November. That gives me/us a little over a month to process everything: visa applications, availing free tickets, planning the trip, accommodation, and everything else! Argh. Been scolding my parents for a few days now! We don't even know which embassy'd give them a tourist visa so I can't even start applying for their tickets!

Anyway they're applying for Australian, British and Korean visas for now. The Korean visa is a sure thing for the fact that I'm an Asiana crew, so if worse comes to worst that they don't get either Aussie or Brit ones, they'd go for Korea.

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I'm looking into investing on a condo unit or a house [and lot] but I just haven't found one I could consider a good investment yet.If anybody knows anything, let me know.

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I spent the whole day yesterday at Makati. I left at around 9-ish in the morning to bring some stuff Nanay needed for work, then went to Asiana office (where I also requested for COEs for my parents' use for visa applications) then headed to Glorietta. Was trying to find a dress I could wear for my parents' anniversary on luck. I ended up buying a black dress, black flats, two shirts from Artwork, a book, a cute notepad, another casual shirt, a Zara coat (looks great for autumn!) and other what-nots.

Yesterday also marks aL and I's second month so I bought a phonecard and used the public payphone to call him at work. I intended to use up the entire duration of the phonecard so I sat on the floor and leaned on the wall while on the [public] phone. You should the people's faces when they see me. Haha. I think it was cool. Not everyone would have the nerve/confidence to do that.

4-ish I met up with aL's brother Joy and his girlfriend Julie to give them some stuff that his mom asked me to give. We hanged out and ate at Pizza Hut and chatted for about an hour. I jokingly told aL we were celebrating the monthsary. Haha.

+ + +

Dad picked me up at Glorietta by 7-ish and we picked up mom from overtime day (MWFs are mom's overtime days) and had dinner at Alavar. We still talked about anniversary plans: they still haven't decided on the church/chapel but we already got our family friend for the priest part, dad ran down the possible breakfast reception places, and I let them hear my tentative scheduling for their tour.

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