Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hit on in LA

L.A. Hmm... I didn't bring my camera coz I did not intend to go out nor meet anyone, on a 30-hour layover. Such a short layover considering each leg of the flight is about twelve hours. Sheesh! And I get to have just one day off while the Koreans get three!

Aaanywaay, so much for ranting. Was waiting for my order at McDonald's when some guy comes up to me and utters a pick up line. I looked up and stared at him with an are-you-talking-to-me stare, and sure enough, he is. So, yadayadayada he was asking for my number (coz he saw me flip my phone as I was checkin' if aL sent me anythin'). I seriously have never done anything like this nor experienced this one so I was quite in a shock. I mean, yes I do talk to strangers coz I know it's common for Americans to do that literally anywhere, but someone hitting on me--no way! Instead of dining in, I got my food to go and left. I had plans of going to the grocery after McDonald's but I decided against after that incident. It freaked me out!

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