Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Depressed and doing a tag

I didn't notice Lyka tagged me on this one. Once in a while it's nice to do stuff like this...

Where is your cell phone? Both inside my flight bag.

Relationship? Long distance.

Your hair ...seriously needs a trim.

Work? Flight attendant.

Your sister/s? Has a really adorable daughter named Yana.

Your favorite thing? ...haven't figured that out yet.

Your dream last night? I didn't sleep last night, I was at work flying from L.A.

Your favorite drink? Diet Coke and Diet 7-up (can't believe it's caffeine-free!)

Your dream car? Not so particular about the model, just anything decent and gets me where I want to go. Preferably non-'matic.

The room you’re in? Room 411, Seokyo Hotel. One single bed, one double, big LG telly, LAN internet and with my laundry hangin' around.

Shoes? Am wearing flipflops.

Your fear/s? To be unloved.

What do you want to be in 10 years? Someone with a good husband and lovable kids, enough financial means to give my family their needs. Hopefully still closely intact with my original family.

Who did you hang out with this weekend? Weekend? Which one's the weekend? The days don't matter, I was still workin'.

What are you not good at? Memorization.

Muffin? Not much into muffins.

One of your wish list items? Have a place I can call home, this jetsetting thing's taking its toll on me.

Where you grew up? Within the confines of our lovely home in Navotas.

Last thing you did? Hit the gym.

What are you wearing? Sports bra, leggings, earphones.

What aren’t you wearing? Shoes, jewelries, a shirt.

Your pet? Sadly gets to be caged all day and goes out just at night, poor Huey. He's a dog.

Your computer? Still my mom's laptop.

Your life? Blessed.

Your mood? [No comment.]

Missing? Wakin' up beside aL. Having a home. Hangin' out with friends talking endlessly about nothing in particular. My guy buddies who always makes us (girls) feel taken cared of. Booze sessions with friends where I'm the official tanggera coz I don't drink. Being carefree.

What are you thinking about right now? How much it sucks not to be with your loved ones. I'm gonna quit this job soon. I just don't know how soon is soon.

Your car? I don't have a car yet.

Your kitchen? I don't have a kitchen too.

Your summer? Spent working.

Favorite color? Purple.

Last time you laughed? Hours ago, at Jai's anecdote.

Last time you cried? A few hours ago.

School? University of Santo Tomas.

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