Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Gilmore Girls

Yana's yaya woke me up at 10am and said, "Ate tawag ka ng nanay mo." I peeked through the pillow covering my face and said, "Ngayon na?!" all groggy and oh-so sleepily. She nodded and wondered if my mom's on the phone or she's downstairs. Brought my phone with me and went downstairs with my eyes barely open. Then I saw my mom in the dining area, with Yana.

I stood there and I expected her to say something immediately whatever the cause of the emergency wake up order. One second, two seconds, three seconds. Nothing. I looked at the maid and hoped she got the order wrong. She shrugged and I said, "Nay?" And then she smiled. And my half asleep brain got so confused and looked at my dad who was nearby.

"Hindi raw kayo nagkikita ng nanay lalo na pag weekdays eh." I looked at her sternly as my shoulders and jaw dropped. I complained, "Unbelievable! I slept at four a.m.!" Haha. "Adik ka," I added.

Anyway we ended up: making coffee (when I was younger I never had coffee that my mother did not prepare); her showing me the dress she's gonna wear on their silver wedding anniversary on November; my I'm-gonna-get-married retorts; stories about San Francisco and browsing my SF photos on Multiply; her telling me about her friend's Las Vegas-based nephew that her friend's trying to hook up with me; and a lot more.

Yea lately we don't really see each other much on work days. And she's so busy to send me emails too. I'm glad she woke me up.

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