Thursday, September 20, 2007


Had so much fun this recent SFO flight, eventhough we only got a whole day to spend! Part of my happiness comes from the superb weather in SF, absolutely no fog so it was the perfect time to capture the Golden Gate shots I've been meaning to have, plus we borrowed Marco's tripod so it was reaaaally lovely :)

Arrival day - Sep 16th

aL and his mom picks me up from the hotel and we walk down to Union Square and have late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macy's--holy smokes there were a looot of people we had to wait at least ten minutes to be seated! We ordered a lot and ended up takin' the actual cheesecakes home, haha. We drop by his dad's work to give him some food we had to go from Cheesecake Factory and since we won't get to be on time for the mass, we head to the Golden Gate Bridge. I don't exactly know where we were but we went to two different spots so two different views of the bridge.

We took lots of pictures but we never got satisfied coz we had to hold D and guess whether the bridge'd be in the photo or not; but sunset was on so I was smiling :) His dad suggests we go to Twin Peaks but I was reaally tired an' sleepy so we head home; his mom cooked dinner and we ate and I had my Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake for dessert.

10-ish we drop by Marco's home to borrow his tripod and ended up checkin' out photos from a recent concert and his DSLR too :) zzz

Sept 17th

We planned to get up early, like 7am, but being the sleepyheads that we were, we never succeeded. Anyway we get a carwash and then head off to--I forgot what city--to have breakfast (well brunch, actually) at a cafe called The Half Day Cafe. I love the place!

Afterwards we go Golden Gate again, this time on the other side of the bridge and another photoshoot location, hehe. More photos but now with a tripod! :) He must've intentionally made us pass through a Ross store so I went shopping a bit, but ended up paying only for one item *hmp* and him paying the rest! Anyway he got me a white bubble jacket, a black cardigan, a pair of Nine West sunglasses, a green blouse (to get me off my safe brown and/or pink clothes) and I ended up paying only for the white Keds that he's been telling me to get coz I "need a pair of whites." After that we head to Ocean Beach, photoshoot and then Pacifica Beach, where there were a lot of people fishing...

He got hungry so we call his mom up to know where she' s at and if she wants to eat out but she was already out to the mall so we meet her up and ate at a Japanese resto called Barracuda in Serramonte. We buy a few more stuff from Target (including the jacket i bought for Sid. Then we went home.

Departure Day - Sept 18th

Yep I was leaving again, it was so sad!

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