Thursday, July 13, 2006

My block

Recently, my online time is spent on reading--and replying to--numerous emails on my secondary email account. Thank God for Yahoo Groups (especially my block's), I'm still in touch with most of my college classmates. Now we don't use it just to make forwarding emails easier, or distributing soft copies of handouts or research materials.

In a span of seven days, there were over 25 emails sent by and among us. There's Jaymee on having had resigned from her job after six days after the training period; Pola on the dead-end travel agency job; Shelynn on feeling claustrophobic in her office cubicle; Melody on applying for a cruise job; Eisel on being in California doing a medical job; Jean (and me) on depressing state of being jobless; and of course, me and Lyka on everything else we could think about.

We talk about fulfilling our dreams, seeing each other again, missing school, Tourism being an institute at our university, the new uniform, and personal stuff. I guess this is what you get from a female-dominated block. Lots of chismisan. And yeah, no more suspension of classes.

Gosh I miss them so much.

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