Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Culture shock

Yey I'm lucky I got off the shuttle first today so I dashed to the Biz Center right away. hehe. Today we're really lucky we got dismissed by 6.00 when most of the time we go home by 6.30. Go back to the hotel, I mean.

Makeup class was again a disaster, when some of the makeup items we bought weren't allowed as well. And the shades. Argh.

What's more disappointing is that they reprimand us for some actions that are offensive to their culture when we don't even know that what we're doing is offensive. Take for example, crossing your arms. They get mad. And I'm thinking, back in Navotas I tell my 5-year old cousin to cross his arms if I want him to behave. And today, Jackie got scolded when she handed the cutter over to our adviser using just one hand.

I mean, they should explain it first before getting all mad. They are sensitive about their culture, they should be sensitive with ours as well.

Tin, I hope you'd be onboard one of our planes when I become a cabin crew. I'll give all the extras that you need ;P

They're super strict. Super strict. Super strict. This introductory week is supposed to be the easiest pa nga eh! We'll start having Korean lessons tomorrow; at least we won't have to make sign language everytime we buy from a convenience store or something.

Argh I still haven't bought the required shoes. The one we saw was 84,000 Won. Aw cmon! And I haven't perfected applying the required bright red nail polish. Gawsh.

Miss you all. Looking forward to my OJT flight to Manila.

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