Monday, July 31, 2006

Training center excitement

Today was the start of Safety and Compliance training and it felt so good to be able to change into jumpsuits instead of the never ending business wear. The training center felt a little empty though, with the Japanese and Chinese OSC (Overseas Crew) batch having graduated last week. And the mixed OSC batch (composed of Vietnamese, Thai and Uzbek) were nowhere in sight. They'll be graduating next week; so maybe they're on the OJT flight or something.

The Theory of Flight instructor said we're the last OSC batch for this year so I guess we'd be seeing just Koreans from now on--if we even see new batches. To our surprise, interviews were ongoing today, and yea, Korean girls. OMG they're so pretty! Flawless skin and all.

I was able to open (and close) a Boeing 737 door today. Grabe, super heavy. I don't know why they hire female flight attendants! Hehe.

And for the second night we had sinigang for dinner, courtesy of my roommate Precious, who bought it from a carinderia near [their] Iglesia ni Cristo church.

The uniforms came today, except the shoes and the scarf. And pretty soon those would follow along with the trolley and bag. Hopefully! :)

Had a test regarding airport codes today and I gotta run coz I have two tests tomorrow. Life.

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