Monday, July 10, 2006

Night out

Last Saturday I was supposed to go to our every-three-months reunion with my PeopleSupport batchmates. Thing is, I'm so stumped and not to mention it always looked like a storm will be coming by so I didn't show up. I din't even go to boyfriend time (and now I received an email from him asking when I'd show up online). Around nine in the evening, Jal starts texting me that they're in Gilligan's [Makati] and that I should drop by. I don't, of course. Stuck on tv and Yana, so...

Then the phone rings and Mika picks it up. As it appears, my cousins decided to ask us out on gimik and that they're on their way to Navotas (from QC). Yea like we have a choice. My kuya still isn't home so prepped up first. I really thought it was kuya who got us into this. Then he arrives home and I tell him, "Oi gigimik daw tayo? San tayo punta? Wala naman akong pera a?" Kuya sighs and replies, "Yun na nga eh." Apparently my cousins wanted to go with us, kaya lang, share sila and kuya sa bayad. Nge!

Anyway I wanted to look glam--earlier that day I sat in front of the mirror and pulled out my makeup box, and transformed my face into an angel (uh, the Drew Barrymore-like face on Ever After)--but decided against it coz my cousins are probably in flipflops or, at worst, shorts.

I feel so bad that we're going out on "gimik" when I've told Jal that I can't make it to Gilligan's.

After so much, they're in Navotas already so we take off. The scenario: they don't have any idea as to where they want to "hang out" nor do they tell us what they'd like to do. I mean, there are endless ideas to go on gimik: coffee, ktv, bar, disco, live band, billiards, etc. So my very clueless kuya drives along Nakpil street (in Malate) to let them decide. They don't, so we get off at Tia Maria's. Unfortunately, the place doesn't look so nice, and we had to occupy a table upstairs so that totally ruins it. We walk along Nakpil and entered Arkdia nalang.

It's pretty much a good choice. Good crowd and good band (it's a Saturday night kase). It was eleven in the evening so it was the band's second set already. We started warming up to the band which I didn't remember the name. The lead vocalist looks like the lost band member of Supernova. (Oh, too much Rock Star: Supernova in me!) Third was a different band, which made Arkdia like a comedy bar, so it was our cue to go home. Well, not after my cousin started locking herself in a comfort room cubicle to throw up... And throw up. She had martini and we didn't know that she can't handle that. Oh well. At least I had an iced tea. (I'm allergic to alcohol.)

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