Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Garbage Collector

[Long post ahead.]

Was trying to tidy up my closet when I realized that I'm a garbage collector. Well, sort of. I save a lot of "memorable" stuff or something from a memorable event. Beneath my closet is my Nostalgia Drawer, containing three shoeboxes and a lot of unclassified stuff.

First shoebox contains everything from my former bestfriend. We have different circle of friends and we're in different year levels (she was a senior and I was in junior high that time) so we rarely had time for chats. Therefore, a couple of years' worth of letters--minimum.

A bigger second shoebox holds all other letters from all my other friends. In my highschool it was not uncommon to write to friends for no reason. We even wrote notes while classes are ongoing! Even in college, we had "conversations" on paper--a more discreet way of chatting--even if we're seatmates! (In case you're wondering what we chat about, it's as simple as where to have lunch to as serious as break-ups. We do this more often during boring classes. Girl thing!)

Inside the third box are stuff from romance-related people. It's the emptiest box. Haha. Anyway I have not just cards, but some cinema tickets, even petals, a tag from a jacket I bought for a boyfriend, etc. (I'm too shy to state everything I have in there ;P)

Not to be outdone, my mobile phone also has sentimental garbage (Becky, allow me to borrow that phrase). My Globe SIM has two inboxes so the second was used to store those messages. (And because I'm a loser and I have nothing to do, I'll post 'em here.)

I called you (6) time/s on 01/10/06 at 22:14.
Sender: unknown@ (10-01-2006 23:48:32)
Okay so that ain't exactly a message, but a callback alert from somebody worried, intently trying to reach me but my phone was switched off (I was at work).

Thank you, its been great getting to know you. Definitely see you again some day!
Sender: Luci (30-06-2005 10:35:49)
From my Aussie friend, Luci Macdonald--who I met during my internship at the Australian Embassy--minutes after she checked in at the airport on the way home to NSW.

nklimutan ko pong sbihin n lang nagbgo syo, mgnda k p rin. :)
Sent: 21-03-2005 15:09:17
Why I saved this message? Coz it took so much courage to send this, he wasn't the type who'd say something like this. He always pointed out that I have the hugest eerie eyes, so this was different.

Ur my gft frm God..
Sender: Dre (27-12-2003 15:22:14)
Sue me for being cheesy, but I remembered I almost cried when I read this. Dre, by the way, is my then-boyfriend. I saved it coz I loved how he had incorporated faith/God.

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