Thursday, July 20, 2006

O genki desu ka?

Kuya came home last night and gave me and my sister a Hello Kitty something (uh, those things hanging from your mobile phones) from Kimi, his Japanese co-worker at the hotel. We called her up and I racked my brains to remember my basic Nihongo lessons during second year college. She was impressed that I opened up with, "Moshi-moshi Kimi-san!" [Hello Miss Kimi!] and thanked her with, "Domo arigatoo gozaimasu!" [Thank you very much!] She told my kuya (in broken Tagalog) "Magaling!"

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So who exactly are those guys on one of my older posts? While most of them look familiar, I'd still want to give you the answers.

Drew Arellano. He's so ideal to me. An all-in-one package: sense of humor, brains and good looks! He rose to fame from the Pare commercial and has since been doing hosting stints. I particularly loved Wazzup Wazzup of course, with Drew being the Pambansang Bulol or something. He's my only celeb crush, all others are just cute. Drew's gorgeous! *wide toothed grin*

Alex Band. The lead vocalist of The Calling, he now pursues other [solo] projects though the band wasn't disbanded. They're "on hiatus," according to their site.

Trent Ford. Best known from the movie How to Deal with Mandy Moore. He's half American, half English.

Chad Michael Murray. I can't remember where I first saw him, maybe on A Cinderella Story opposite Hilary Duff, or Freaky Friday opposite Lindsay Lohan. Presently, he's on One Tree Hill, though I don't like his hair this season. (I don't know which season is currently being aired.)

Steven Strait. Unbelievably adorable on Undiscovered, which I've seen on VCD, which I rented just out of curiosity that Ashlee Simpson is in that movie as well.

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